ARBONIA climate develops and produces energy-efficient indoor climate systems for buildings of all kinds.

Heat that
embraces us

Coolness that
is pleasant

Air that lets us
catch our breath

Energy that just
feels good

Natural Indoor

Our approach

Indoor climate, pleasant, natural and as efficient as possible

We at ARBONIA climate want to give people what is so important for their well-being: a natural, pleasant atmosphere in every room. Today and in the future. To achieve this, we focus on holistic indoor climate systems for smart heating, cooling and ventilation as well as for energy storage. Solutions that contribute to making buildings significantly more sustainable.

Our approach follows four 
distinct principles:


Our focus is on holistic systems whose components are perfectly matched to each other. From heat generation to heat and energy storage to heat distribution, ventilation and cooling in all types of buildings.


All our products are designed for energy efficiency. For themselves - or as part of a sustainable overall system in which efficient products can only develop their full potential.


Our products and the systems they create fit into residential and commercial buildings and are open to components from other suppliers, for example, to increase self-sufficiency.


All our products are designed from the beginning to be easy to install, use and maintain.


Holistic, smart indoor climate systems for an industry where no two projects are alike.


Our substantial contribution to an energy transition that starts with buildings.
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Natural indoor climate that serves us and the environment.

Intelligent systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and energy storage.

Digital connectivity that ensures perfect indoor climate at all times.

Also in commercial buildings: product compatibility that provides easy planning for every project, from office to showroom.

System solutions that contribute to making buildings significantly more sustainable.

Technology that simply feels good.


We develop sustainable and energy-efficient Indoor Climate Systems that create a natural, pleasant atmosphere in any room.


More than 3,000 people working for energy efficiency and CO₂ reduction. Are you part of it?